Case Studies of Interest to Chiropractors

6.50 Formal Learning Hours
Drs. Lindsay Rowe & David de la Harpe

Explanatory notes

Audio-visual presentation (either on DVD or USB) on the topic “Case studies of interest to chiropractors” presented by David de la Harpe & Lindsay Rowe

1 x Question sheet

This very special DE module provides a unique opportunity to update your understanding of new and exciting advances in spinal imaging and the management of patients with spinal conditions. Drs. Rowe and de la Harpe present interesting case studies that will assist in enhancing your clinical knowledge and skill set.

Topics include:

  • Learning more about what imaging study is considered the “gold standard” for many of the common presentations in chiropractic practice
  • When do you refer and why?
  • Managing a patient post-surgery
  • Cases studies of non-biomechanical lesions masquerading as biomechanical syndromes

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