The Cervical Spine

7.00 Formal Learning Hours
  • Explanatory notes
  • 4 x DVDs on the topic: “The Cervical Spine” presented by David de la Harpe & Lindsay Rowe
  • Accompanying notes
  • 1 x Question sheet

Dr. Rowe begins with an analysis of the diagnostic imaging modalities commonly used to assess cervical spine syndromes applicable to chiropractic practice. Particular emphasis is given to reading MRI and CT images (including T1, T2 & STIR) and a discussion follows relating to “what imaging studies should be requested for the various clinical scenarios”. Dr Rowe presents a number of case studies throughout the presentation that enhances the audience’s knowledge and clinical expertise in managing disorders of the cervical spine.

Dr. David de la Harpe provides great clinical tips for assessing and managing cervical spine disorders. He also discusses what cervical spine cases should be referred to a surgeon. This module also includes fascinating audio-visual footage of Dr. de la Harpe performing cervical spine surgery.

As previously mentioned in the Lumbar Spine module, it is a unique opportunity to have Australia’s foremost orthopaedic spinal surgeon and a world-renowned radiologist, both with qualifications in chiropractic, present on a topic so relevant to the practising chiropractor.

Please note: The sound quality on this distance education module is variable.