Principles of Effective Headache Management

6.00 Formal Learning Hours
  • Explanatory notes
  • 4  x Audio CDs on the topic: 
    “Effective Headache Management” - Craig Nelson
  • 1 x Set of notes accompanying the CDs.
  • Educational Papers
  • 3 x Patient Self-Reporting Indexes 
  • 1 x Question sheet

Topics covered include:

  • Cervicogenic headache: differential diagnosis
  • Anatomy of the cervical spine with respect to head pain
  • The tension headache, migraine headache continuum:
  • A hypothesis
  • A neurologist view on headaches
  • Spinal manipulation in the management of tension-type migraine and cervicogenic headaches: The state of the evidence.  Principles of effective headache management
  • Headache diagnosis/management algorithms: differential diagnosis of headache, differential diagnosis of serious headaches & management of benign headache
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