Therapeutic Taping

4.00 Formal Learning Hours
  • Explanatory notes
  • 1 x DVDs on the topic:  “Sports Taping Basics”
  • Educational papers
  • 1 x Question sheet

Taping is a significant clinical tool utilised by many chiropractors in helping prevent injuries and rehabilitate musculoskeletal conditions in both private practice and on the sporting field. The DVD demonstrates 22 specific taping procedures by showing the entire, uninterrupted process of taping the body part. The convenient DVD format makes it fast and simple for the chiropractor to find and select the specific taping procedure requiring review. This DE module is a spectacular learning tool and by practicing these procedures chiropractors will develop and refine effective taping techniques that will protect athletes and accelerate the rehabilitation process for both athletes and patients. This module reviews precautions and contra-indications to taping with commonly used tips for effective application.